Wash Basin Maintenance Method

- Jun 15, 2019-

1. Change the bad habit of placing items on the basin.

2. For larger or heavier daily necessities on the top of the basin, please install a locker to facilitate the collection of daily necessities and avoid placing on the cosmetic board.

3. Usually clean: porcelain appearance soft bristles or sponge with neutral detergent cleaning, but avoid hot water rinse, so as not to crack the basin. To use the basin to hold water, first put cold water in the hot water to avoid burns.

4. Regular maintenance: The bottom of the storage tank can be removed and the accumulated stains removed to keep the drainage smooth.

5. Regularly check [1] whether there is a crack in the basin in the home, fill the basin with water, pour in the colored pigment to soak for one night, if there is a crack, you can see clearly.

6. When cleaning the basin, try to use a sponge to clean the detergent. Do not use a melon cloth, or use a hard brush, acid or alkali chemicals or solvent to scrub, because it will form a small scratch on the surface of the basin, making it thick. It is easy to deposit dirt.

7. Porcelain and glass have very low thermal conductivity. If it is hot, it will rupture. Therefore, it should be noted that the temperature difference should not be too large, and it should avoid collision of excessive external force and cause cracking.

8. In the case of a submerged wash basin, special attention should be paid to the dead corners at the junction of the underside of the countertop and the basin when cleaning.