Smart Homes Want To Achieve Landing Promotion, Starting With Products And Users

- Jun 16, 2019-

In 2018, China's smart home market will reach 139.6 billion yuan, and will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years. By 2021, the market size is expected to reach 439.6 billion yuan. Driven by the huge market potential, smart home has become a veritable sunrise industry, attracting many companies to rush to the market, the market war is in full swing.

Why is smart home so hot? It is because it meets people's increasing pursuit of a better life. Home is the source of the people's return after hard work. A good home environment can make people living there happy. It is precisely because of this that more and more people are keen to buy trendy homes and promote home culture. Smart homes can greatly enhance the comfort, convenience, safety and artistry of the home environment. It uses residential technology as a platform to connect various devices in the home through Internet of Things technology. It not only has traditional residential functions, but also has properties such as network communication, information appliances, and equipment automation. It has intelligent lighting control and intelligent electrical control. Security monitoring system, intelligent background music, intelligent video sharing, video intercom system and home theater system. It can be said that smart homes bring together people's beautiful imagination of future smart life.

Although it has been developed for many years, the smart home in China is still a new industry, and the penetration rate is not high. According to statistics, the penetration rate of smart homes in China is only 0.1% in 2016, far behind the 5.8% in the US, 1.3% in Japan, 1.3% in Switzerland and 1.2% in Germany. . However, with the rapid development of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the penetration rate of smart homes in China will increase rapidly, reaching 0.5% by 2020. Although the penetration rate is still far lower than that of Western countries, the overall increase is considerable due to the large population base. Smart home is a new growth "window", which has become a recognized fact.

In 2018, more than 80 million smart home devices were delivered worldwide, including thermostats and smoke detectors. While smart home devices are often considered to have an advanced look and feel, providing a better user interface, at the expense of intrinsic technology, designs that focus only on the look and feel will ultimately fail.

An important component of every smart device that can't be left in the final step is the switch. Despite our sophisticated digitalization, humans are emotional creatures. This means that the “feel” of the product is an important part of the user's overall satisfaction with the product. For example, in most cases, a physical "on/off" product is the first and most touched part of the consumer's touch when using the device. So the switch is crucial to building a good first impression. This is also the switch of the smart home industry that has been pouring into new and unique features in the past two years, from the original rebound switch to the film switch to the higher-end aluminum alloy material and customized lettering, with backlight and vibration feedback effects.

For the owners, the most important smart home must be a switch that matches their own value plus an overall quality control system. The most important thing for smart home customers is the amount of exposure. Moreover, the intelligent switch that meets the needs of the owner is fully exposed to high-frequency exposure in various areas such as decoration companies, designers, building materials partners and model houses.