Smart Bathroom Market Changed From Hot Air Outlet To Red Sea

- Jun 08, 2019-

The smart bathroom market, which is smashed at a low price, is like a slaughterhouse. The thousand-yuan low-end smart toilet cover market is already in the Red Sea. If you want profits to be differentiated and go to the high end, you can see who is running fast. If you have been based on low-end, low gross profit, the company does not have enough profit to support R&D, and it must face being harvested in the long run.

The price war of smart sanitary ware has started. It has been turned from the popular enthusiasm of the previous two years to the Red Sea. This is undoubtedly severe and cruel for SMEs. A group of enterprises without technical support are on the way to bankruptcy. In such a situation Next, differentiation or grouping may be the best option.