Industry Insiders Suggest Dealers Sell The Bathroom!

- Jun 20, 2018-

With the fierce competition in the sanitary ware market and the rising cost of production, the sanitary space of sanitary companies has been forced to tighten. Bathroom dealers call: business is difficult to do! So, what's wrong with the bad bathroom business? This article compiles a few breaks.

Breaking the road: Sanitary distributors in the end how to go?

01 Cost-saving

Now that the physical store business is getting worse, but also thinking about expanding the storefront and increasing investment? It is necessary to continue to save money before they can afford it, and the input and output are not necessarily proportional. Then the problem came, narrowed the area of the store, how to do the bathroom sample layout? Insiders pointed out that all technologies that distributors can do can be displayed using Internet technologies such as VR systems. In this way, the store can also display all products and save a large amount of sample cost.

Different styles, colors and designs can be displayed quickly, eliminating the cost of sample furnishings. That is, using scene marketing.

02 Attracting Owners

The time for opening a store and visiting customers has passed. With the increasing competition, stores need to find ways to attract prospective customers to the store. Internet high-tech tools, bathroom distributors can design different styles of bathroom design effects for the new residential units in the vicinity of the newly opened residential area, make roll up display in the community, attach a description of "to the store free design, free renderings effect" ... and other forms to attract owners to take the initiative to come to the door to overcome the difficulties of obtaining customers.

03 Increase user's viscosity

After the customer arrives at the store, he must try his best to increase his stay time. At this time, the store can allow users to participate in designing their own future home. The more involved products are more viscous. Because the customer's concern after the shop is:

Isn't your bathroom suitable for my home?

What style of bathroom can you design for me?

How is your design level?

Can you design the bathroom I want

... ...

If these problem stores can immediately reply to customers and let them see the results directly, where does the customer not place orders with you?