Analysis Of The Characteristics Of The Global Sanitary Ware Industry

- May 26, 2019-

With the technological advancement of the sanitary ware industry and the globalization of the industrial division of labor, the global sanitary ware industry has shown the following characteristics:

First, the overall matching has become the mainstream

The series of sanitary ware products can not only be coordinated in function, but also make consumers more comfortable in use, enjoy a more comfortable and convenient bathroom environment, and have a holistic style and design. Consumers can choose according to their own preferences. Different from the environment of the residence, we choose the main series of products that are suitable for it, so we can better reflect the individualized life concept of consumers and meet the needs of their individual development.

In today's increasingly rich material, people's choice of products not only focuses on the function of “use”, but also on pursuing more “added value”, especially the enjoyment of artistic and beauty. Based on this, the series of integrated sanitary ware products not only make consumers satisfied with the “use” in the products, but also enjoy the “beauty” enjoyment, which will surely become the future development trend of the sanitary ware industry.

Second, pay more attention to bathroom product design

With the deepening of global integration and the in-depth integration of various cultural elements, consumers are increasingly demanding the appearance and texture of sanitary ware products. They have a modern and fashionable sense, and sanitary ware products that can lead the way of life are marketed. Generally welcome.

In order to expand market share, sanitary ware manufacturers have increased their investment in the design of sanitary ware products, and have cooperated extensively with well-known designers to continuously introduce new products and guide global sanitary ware products to more focus on product design.

Third, the production technology and process level continue to improve

After hundreds of years of development, the production technology and process level of the sanitary ware industry have become more mature and perfect, and have made great progress in terms of product quality and production efficiency, as well as appearance, technology and design.

In recent years, the world's leading sanitary ware companies have increased their investment in production technology improvement and process improvement, such as research and development of new materials to prepare glaze puree, so that various new glaze colors and models continue to emerge; equipped with efficient new mechanical equipment And automated production line to improve production efficiency; increase research and development efforts, modern technology such as electronic control, digital and automation to the sanitary ware products, to achieve more powerful and efficient product functions, while improving the comfort and convenience of the sanitary ware experience .

Fourth, the product presents the trend of energy saving and environmental protection

In recent years, governments have increasingly realized that energy shortages and environmental pollution have seriously affected social and economic development. The concept of promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, optimizing resource allocation, and achieving sustainable economic development has also been widely accepted and accepted by countries around the world.

At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, consumers pay more attention to health and comfort, emphasizing green environmental protection. In addition to the demand for product quality and function, green products are more favored by consumers. Therefore, as a supplier of sanitary ware products, it is an inevitable choice to adapt to the trend development, improve production methods, and improve products with new materials, new technologies and new processes.

Fifth, industrial manufacturing bases are transferred to developing countries

Europe and the United States and other countries have been an important manufacturing base for global sanitary ware. However, with the continuous improvement of labor costs and the influence of various factors such as industrial policies and market environment, internationally renowned sanitary ware brand manufacturers will gradually manufacture sanitary ware. The links to Asian countries such as China and India, where human capital prices are low, supporting infrastructure is perfect, and market demand continues to grow, have gradually turned these countries into global specialized sanitary ware product manufacturing bases.