which basin waste is better?

- Jan 09, 2018-

The drainer is a drainage device, the drainer can be used to connect the bathtub, basin and so on together, the type and material of the drainer is very much, the advantages and disadvantages of different types of drainer is different. When choosing a basin drain, what type is better? Xiao Bian today to introduce you to the kind of basin it.

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Washbasin under the water

What is good basin wash water - Introduction to wash basin

There are several types of washbasin water, the first is the pull-style, and later there are flip-type and bouncing, etc., in general, these water with a long time if not clean up, due to the accumulation of dirt deposition, mechanical properties are Not very easy to use. Old-fashioned pull-type water now not commonly used, and now choose the outlet to choose the kind of core can take out the whole, clean and then put back to the kind of easy to clean. Wash basin drain pipe is a middle with a section of threaded pipe under the metal pipe, a bend a plug, the installation is very easy; best not to buy threaded pipe, which is easy to hide things inside the tube; Now the market On the sale of a ready-made return bend plastic into the water, although cheap, but the quality is not good, easy to leak water seepage, and if there is a mouse at home, there will be sewer pipes were bitten by rats, people very annoyed.

What kind of basin washout - basin wash the type of water

Press the sewage

Although the appearance of the push-type blower looks good, but the push-type water is more likely to attach to the dirt, the whole drain needs to be unscrewed for cleaning, and the operation is a little complicated and inconvenient to use. If you unscrew the drainer, and then back again may be loose, not solid.


Flap-type water drop, you can freely rotate in any direction, resulting in water within the basin drain finished. After a long time using the flap type water trap, the sealability will decline, resulting in the basin can not hold water. Or appear unable to move the situation; flap type water absorber structure is simple, easy to clean, easy to replace.

Drain trap

The structure of the drain trap is also relatively simple, almost the same with the kitchen sink, disassembly procedure of the drain trap is slightly more complicated than the installation of the push-trap and the flap-type trap. Leaky sink basin can not be filled with water, unless sealed cover.

Today Xiaobian introduced to you the type of basin sink on so much, I believe we have a certain understanding of the type of basin sink, the future in the choice of drainer, according to the actual situation to decide, but also To choose a big brand to buy, because the big brand of water it's quality and design are very good.