which basin drain should I buy?

- Jan 05, 2018-

Some customers do not know which basin drain is suitable for their market. please read below.

According to the type of basin, it can be divided into two types: one is with overflow, the other one is without overflow.

The one with overflow, when the water is full in the basin it will flow out though the hole in the basin. 

However, lots of basins do not have overflow, they are normally called vessel’, due to the shape of the basin. If you leave tap on, water will flow out, so user have to take care of this situation if you installed basin without overflow, and this kind of basin will need to use basin waste without overflow.

If you do not know which type of basin waste you should buy, you can buy universal type pop up waste as shown below, this kind of basin waste is suitable for basin with or without overflow. What is more, we can make all kinds of design and different sizes to go with your market, feel free to ask me, I love to slove your problems.