What's angle valve, and what is the function of angle valve?

- Jan 13, 2018-

What is the angle valve? What is the use of angle valve? How to choose a suitable angle valve? I am afraid many of my friends do not understand these issues. Taday let me do a wide range of knowledge of the angle valve, unlock your doubts.

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Angle valve's function

Angle valve is one of valves that plays a partition medium, easy to repair the role of terminal equipment. Generally used for wash basins, toilet seat water heaters, water heaters, hot water pipes.

Why use angle valve

General faucet inlet pipe is the nut, the wall outlet is a silk connector, the need for angle valve conversion connection. When installing and adjusting the faucet and maintenance faucet, the angle valve can be directly closed without affecting the use of other areas. Angle valve or faucet insurance, faucet problems promptly close the angle valve, to prevent more serious losses.

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Where in the home need angle valve

Ordinary home in general there are four positions need to use the angle valve: toilet water nozzle needs a cold water angle valve, wash basin, wash basin on the nozzle respectively need a cold and hot two angle valve, the sump on the sink need a cold and hot Two angle valve, water heater on the water nozzle needs a cold two angle valve, a total of nine angle valve. In addition, if equipped with water purifier also need to install a more cold water angle valve.

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Angle valve material selection

Angle valve is best copper, the service life is relatively longer. Zinc alloy easy to aging, short service life. Plastic is not beautiful, the shortest service life. Angular valve to buy when you look at the surface of the plating luster, gloss is better, no blistering and scratches, a good angle valve surface bright and clean, smooth hand touch smooth and flawless.

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