The types of floor drain and how to buy floor drain

- Jan 08, 2018-

The types of floor drain


From the material point of view, most of the current floor drain in the market is chrome plated brass, because this material is anti-corrosion and affordable, so choosing this type for household use is enough.


From the appearance, the mainstream floor drain including U-type floor drain and T-type floor drain.


U-type floor drain


U-type floor drain is bell bell-type structure, like buckle bowl structure buckle in the sewer port, forming a "U" type trap, the use of water trap in the "water seal" to seal effect.

 U-type floor drain.JPG

U-type floor drain through the deep water seal to achieve deodorant. Therefore, such a floor drain is more suitable for bathroom use. The old house also used before the U-type floor drain, the old house has U-shaped pipe sewer pipe, double water seal effect is better than single.


Drainage slow is the biggest drawback of U-type floor drain, especially in deep water seal U-type floor drain, drain speed will be affected to some extent, when the displacement of large (such as washing machines), may temporarily appear water phenomenon.


Poor self-cleaning capability is another drawback of U-type floor drain. Easy to hang hair, sludge, need to be cleaned regularly.


T-type floor drain


T-type floor drain is now on the market called anti-odor floor drain, T-type floor drain by mechanical connection to achieve the purpose of deodorant, such as the kitchen is not often use sewer, with T-type can be very good to achieve deodorant effect.

 T-type floor drain.jpg

T-type floor drain drainage channel is straight-type, large displacement, impurities and dirt directly into the sewer with water flow discharge, will not dirt, will not block, and the greater the water pressure, the better the sealing.


How to buy floor drain


Bathroom selection U-type floor drain


High frequency of use of the bathroom, water consumption, the use of U-type floor drain to store more water, good deodorant effect. Although the U-type drain water leakage rate is not as good as the T-type floor drain, but because when you take a bath the water is gradually produced, U-type floor drain can fully meet the requirements.

And T-type floor drain need to rebound to anti-odor seal, once the hair stuck in the T and between the tube, the anti-odor performance directly invalid. However, the principle of U deep seal can be a good way to avoid this problem. So the bathroom recommended to choose U-type floor drain.


T-type floor drain near the washing machine


Because U-type drain drain slow, and washing machines need to drain a large amount of water in a short span of 1 or 2 minutes, so a large water displacement of T-type floor drain is the best choice.


T-type floor drain for balcony and kitchen


Exposed balconies and kitchen do not have too much water, if we use U-type floor drain, once the water seal dried up, the sealing effect is greatly reduced, it is difficult to resist the smell and insects, so the best ways is using T-type floor drain.