The material classification of the basin

- Jul 11, 2017-

1, Ceramic wash basin

From the market atmosphere, ceramic wash basin is still the mainstream market occupies more than 90% of the market, a wide variety, economic benefits, rich personality characteristics still let many consumers favor.

Selection of ceramic basin mainly to see the glaze and water absorption rate. The quality of glaze is related to stain resistance, high-quality glaze "honeycomb" very small, smooth and dense, not easy to dirty, generally do not use strong decontamination products, water plus wipes can be. In the selection of ceramic basin can be in strong light, from the side of the product surface to observe the reflection;

2, Stainless steel washbasin

Stainless steel can always give a sense of fashion, by the current young people love, stainless steel washbasin and bathroom other metal accessories with a unique modern feeling.

Generally wash basins are made of solid material, steel materials are also highly extracted, the surface must be frosted or mirror plating processes, so the price is not low.

But the stainless steel also has a prominent characteristic, is easy to clean, as long as the water rushes on the shiny as new. Compared to the glass and ceramic wash basin wash up really a little 42 to pull the feeling of the heavy. In the purchase of nothing special pay attention to the style, understand the material and maintenance points are almost.

3. Glass washbasin

With soft lines and unique texture and refraction effect, both the color and style are more attractive and beautiful than the above two basins. But Glass compared to the other two materials will appear delicate and difficult to serve, the first is fragile and not resistant to high temperature, the market for the sale of glass basin wall thickness 19mm, 15mm and 12mm, even if the 19mm wall thickness of the product, its temperature is only 80 ℃ of the relative high temperature, so use to be very careful, do not figure convenient to pour boiling water, otherwise it will bursting.