The installation procedure of the basin sewer

- Jul 11, 2017-

1, first take out the purchase of the water, the bottom of the basin, the fixed parts and flanges, and then the basin under the flange of the water pipe under the basin, must put the flange tight, put tight, you can put the basin on top of the table, the basin under the water pipe at one end of the table to put the basin on the hole.

2, in the basin under the appropriate location of water pipes to prevent seepage of some of the tape, and then put the other end of the basin water pipe to the sewer, that is, sewage water pipe openings, to adjust, the basin under the water pipe fittings or parts to take out, with a wrench to tighten the sewer and sewer interface, so after the installation, in the bottom of the basin to see whether the two sides of the water pipe to adjust the symmetry, there is no tightening and so on.

3, check whether the installation of the process has not finished the parts or put flat. After the check no error, began in the basin waterproof test, from the side of the water to reflect whether there is leakage. If there is no leakage or seepage out, it means that the basin under the water pipe is installed; On the other hand, you will need to check again or reinstall.