Bathroom business survival warfare: Product as the core competency

- Dec 20, 2017-

In recent years, the economic and social development is very rapid, so that each big and small bathroom brands in the bathroom industry have also been a huge upgrade, make bathroom market's prospects more unpredictable. Facing such a fierce market, each sanitary enterprises should proceed from its own, creating your own brand of sanitary ware, otherwise with time going on, consumers' loyalty and business reputation are bound to decline. However, to make a good bathroom brand, how should the enterprise do?


As a bathroom manufacturer, firstly the most important must be the product. Without the product as a sanitary ware company backing, it is difficult for enterprises to survive in this fierce battlefield. So how to make products become the backing of the enterprise? In my opinion, the product apart from doing well, we should do better!


1. In production,we demand not only quantity but also quality


If a bathroom enterprise launches dozens of products each year, it is very difficult to achieve precision. However, if several products are launched each year, and then put more resources into these several products to create products which are more satisfactory to consumersthat will make consumers and the market feel more sincerity. And do a good job on resources and after-sales of several products, it will be more cost-effective for enterprise.


2. For consumer groups

On the market, each product has a different consumer groups, therefore, when we sanitary ware enterprises make product planning, we have to make trade-off. Put the main energy and ideas on the consumer groups of this product to meet and serve this group of consumers. In this way ,we can create the product of consumer satisfaction, thus their sales are up.


3. Must be innovative

No consumer will like several decades unchanged product, therefore, sanitary ware companies must keep progress, continuous innovation, combined with the current trend, upgrading to more in line with the current consumer groups of products. Combined with characteristics of our own enterprises, and actively develop more stylish, functional and innovative, healthy and environmentally friendly products. So that consumers have a loyalty to the enterprises.