Knowledge about KBB Birmingham 2018

- Dec 18, 2017-

Fair overview:

KBB Birmingham is the most influential event in the size of the UK kitchen & bath industry.


Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK after London and one of the major manufacturing centers in the country. More than 25% of UK exports are manufactured in the Birmingham area. At present, the economy is shifting to the tertiary industry. The financial industry and tourism have also developed quite rapidly. Birmingham is a founding ground for modern metallurgy and machine building industries and is also the meeting point for major national railways, highways and canals.


KBB is hosted by the British UBM company, is the only professional sanitary ware industry trade show in the UK. The exhibition started in 1995, held every two years. As Britain's only exhibition of kitchen and bathroom industry, biennial exhibition has been unable to meet market requirements. Since 2011, KBB exhibition has increased from biennial event become an annual one, held in London and Birmingham, two-city rotation, it will return to Birmingham and held in 2018. KBB Kitchen & Bath exhibition targeted at high-end design, wholesale and contract market. Exhibitors are mainly retailers, interior design companies, distributors, developers, and hoteliers. At the same time, London and Birmingham as the center of architectural design in Europe, gathered a large number of top architects, developers, and design companies. This ensures the success of the KBB Birmingham show.


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Range of exhibition:

1.Bathroom Equipment: All kinds of sanitary ware, toilet, basin, bathtub, shower room, shower nozzle, faucet and accessories, bathroom mirror, bathroom hardware pendant;

2. Kitchen equipment: Various kitchen appliances, cabinets, air conditioners, kitchen furniture, kitchen sewer installations;

3. Heating and pumping: Heating equipment, radiators, heating valves, all kinds of pipe pump;

4. Decoration Materials: A variety of ceramic tiles, ceramics, glass, mosaic and other decoration and decoration materials.