Introduction of bathroom

- Apr 16, 2018-

Bathrooms literally mean sanitation, bathing, and baths are commonly used as bathrooms for bathing purposes. They are spaces and supplies for residents who use toilets, baths, toilets and other daily hygiene activities.

At this stage, sanitary ware is not only simple as a single bathroom. With the acceleration of people's living rhythm, the demand for various products has increased, and color bath products have emerged.

The selection of bathroom equipment should be based on personal habits and functional needs. In addition, the allocation of space is also a factor that influences the purchase. For the space size, layout, choose the shape of the bathroom is very important. In general, the rectangular bathtub is most suitable for small square meters of space, but it is easy to appear monotonous. Choosing a quarter-arc bathtub occupies less space, and it is more varied than the general long-type bathtub. Only in setting, must find the most suitable The corners of the room are not separated by a short wall. The round bathtub is more suitable for the bathroom space of the Daping area, and SPA equipment such as the oven and steam room must have enough space to fully exert the effect.

The styling style of the bathroom equipment is not only diverse and increasingly refined, but also various different bathtub shapes, material expressions, changes in the shape of the washbasin, the shape of the showerhead, the style of the toilet, and the richness and diversity of the cabinets. The bathroom facilities, or the purchase of a single bathroom equipment, a dazzling array of products, each one put it down, often do not know what to choose.

When considering the style of bathroom equipment, in addition to being able to emphasize their aesthetic taste, the coordination of space, the coordination of materials, the integration of colors, etc., are all points of assessment. Graphically overly sophisticated and luxurious bathtubs are not suitable for the bathroom space of Xiao Ping. Emphasizing simple bathroom equipment can create oriental Zen styles that are returning to nature and neat modern style.

Promote the leisure oriented bathroom space, make use of lines to re-combine the space, visually achieve neat and neat effect. Consumers can find that sanitary ware manufacturers do not just sell products, but also promote bathing enjoyment of both leisure and health factors. In particular, modern people pay more and more attention to the trend of home quality. Bathroom space is not just an interpretation of bathing, it must have Relax, precipitate the mind, and even make you healthier.