Floor drain how to anti-odor?

- Jan 17, 2018-

In addition to bulk water, floor drain's most important point is deodorant, deodorant if this is not done well, then in the next home life will bring a lot of trouble, but also affect the user's health, but floor drain how to anti-odor,floor drain deodorant principle, facilities, methods of different, so the price is not the same.Then how to choose a good floor drain it, then let me share such a big experience.

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The anti-odor method of floor drain

  1. Water deodorant floor drain is the most traditional and most common, in the floor drain structure, the reservoir bay is the focus, because the floor drain mainly depends on the water tightness to prevent the odor.

  2. Seal deodorant floor drain refers to the floating cover with a lid, so to leakage sealed to prevent odor, so the advantage is that the appearance of young people love more avant-garde, the disadvantage is that bending over to lift the lid more trouble, my home is use this type, so I feel very inconvenient.

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  3. Three anti-floor drain is the most advanced deodorant floor drain, mainly three anti-floor drain at the bottom of the pipe at the installation of a small floating ball, the use of sewer pipe water pressure and pressure to withstand the ball, which play deodorant, pest control, Anti-overflow effect.

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Many users in the purchase of floor drain, the floor must be to the level of light and floor drain the severity of the criteria for judgments, of course, to leak so important users do not blindly pursue the low prices, or not good quality but not good but also affect the living comfort And good health, get along, do not lose big.