Do not blindly buy floor drain, otherwise it will make home stank

- Jan 06, 2018-

Always say "hardware" is particularly important, we must buy right and good things.  Because the hardware is equivalent to the house's "joints", do not look down upon, if broken, but also enough for us to suffer.


Take the "floor drain" to say it, some friends may have encountered this situation:


1.    The bathroom is always time to time distribute "stink"


2.    The bathroom's floor drain cann't let the water flow freelywhen you take a shower, the bathroom will be flooded.


So how do we choose the floor drain, in order to live happily with the life of "no smell. no block"?


First of all, we must know which rooms need to install floor drain.


A house needs several floor drain, the key is that there are a few kitchen and balcony. At least two floor drains in each bathroom: one for the bathroom, one for the sink, one for the kitchen and one for the balcony. Put one next to the washing machine. Because the washing machine position is more flexible, some washing machines in the bathroom, some washing machines in the balcony, and some washing machines in the hallway, so where have a washing machine where have a floor drain. Therefore, the apartment, which has a kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony, needs five floor drain at least.

the location of floor drain.jpg

the location of floor drain 2.jpg


The function of floor drain


The floor drain is not only the interface that connects the drain system with the floor in the room, it's vital for odor control and flying insects to intercept.


According to the 2017 Baidu Index from January to December, anti-odor is the primary concern of our purchase of floor drain.

the trend of floor drain.JPG

If the floor drain can not anti-odor, sewer odor will go straight pass floor drain to the bathroom, which is the main reason for the bathroom smell.

In the pipe we can not see flying insects , this is floor drain to help us resist. So insect prevention is also a major role in floor drain.

floor drain.jpg

When you take a shower, the most trouble is the floor drain will block when you wash you hair. This is very likely your floor drain does not prevent hair, causing hair flow down to the sewer, and clog quickly. So bathroom floor drain must be anti-blocking.


Drainage is the basic function of floor drain, large displacement, non-blocking is the basic requirement. So good floor drain must have the following three conditions: Deodorant effect, drainage speed block, easy to clean.