Customization has become a trend, Sprung basin waste Sanitary industry entry Guardian customizatio

- Apr 07, 2018-

What is the trend of the sprung basin waste bathroom industry this year? Recently, 6 home customization companies have successively listed, and customization has become more and more hot. Many companies in the industry have played "customized licensing". According to relevant statistics, the entire sprung basin waste bathroom industry, companies involved in "custom" products has reached more than 95%. This data shows that customization has become a trend in the industry. As a mature industry that has experienced more than 30 years of history in China, the sprung basin waste sanitary ware industry has long been in a turbulent state. With regard to the “custom” sanitary ware, the major brands will find a place for them.

01 Incoming "Guardian"

Some time ago, an authoritative survey showed that 56.1% of users stated that they are still more willing to accept the purchase of finished sprung basin waste sanitary ware products than they currently have on the market. However, this does not mean that there are nearly 60% of users. Strong attitude is not willing to accept bathroom customization. Among the 56.1% of respondents, nearly 70% of users stated that they are not reluctant to accept the customization of sanitary ware, but they cannot accept the customization of single bathroom products. The vast majority of users stated that not only customizing a certain product, not only It is easy to cause the entire space to be inconsistent, it can not reflect the owner's design style well, and it is inconvenient to use.

The custom product that was originally born to meet the individual needs of users has become one of the reasons why most people refuse. In the end is the sprung basin waste bathroom product itself is not suitable for customization?

02 Main attack quality and design

Previously purchased sprung basin waste bathroom products, consumers are mainly concerned about the price and quality, and now will be carefully asked whether the bathroom cabinet formaldehyde exceeded, radiation indicators are qualified. With the growing awareness of environmental protection, the environmental performance of sanitary products will be increasingly strengthened. In fact, consumers choose health and environmental protection sanitary products, not only the quality requirements, but also the adherence to health.

03 Layout "O2O" lock the main consumer groups

In recent years, online shopping has developed rapidly and online sales of sprung basin waste sanitary products are no exception.

Why does the overall sprung basin waste bathroom value O2O so much? On the one hand, with the help of O2O's strategic layout, it can lock in the main consumer groups, provide online and offline O2O support for dealers, achieve borderless marketing planning, and lead distributors to stay at the forefront of the custom home era. In addition, the big data derived from the O2O model can also help the bathroom to further explore the consumer preferences and demand direction of these people, and turn into the permanent competitiveness of the sprung basin waste overall bathroom.

No customization, no life! Following the wardrobes and cabinets, today's toilets are standing at the third outlet as an integral part of the six major spaces. Nowadays, “Guardian customization” has become an industry trend, and the next industry growth point has come.